The Five Guys Dine to Donate Event is Today!

The day has finally arrived for our Dine to Donate event at Five Guys Burgers and Fries at 770 Gardiners Road!!! From 5 until 8:30 tonight $1 from every burger, poutine, and milkshake sold will come back to the league and make a difference in the lives of our players. Help us spread the word by telling your friends , neighbours and co-workers about the great burgers, excellent poutine and the huge variety of milkshake flavour options available. You will not be disappointed, and the staff is eagerly awaiting our arrival tonight. See you there!

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Unclaimed Awards from the 2020 Banquet

We have awards for the following players from the 2020 banquet

Sam Tan
Jacob Seymour
Cole Brunet
Max Gill
Luke Sheppard
Sasha Wheeler – Dee
Bill McIlroy

We will have them at the Five Guys Event tomorrow evening if you would like to pick them up there. Thanks

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Banquet Posters

The posters in this album were left after the banquet. If you appear in them, and would like to pick them up, they will be at the Five Guys Dine to Donate Event on March 11. You can pick them up while you help support the league. See you there!

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Banquet Thanks

Due to the interrupted “thank you” portion of the remarks at the banquet Sunday, the following contributors to the success of the banquet failed to be mentioned.

Mulrooney Trucking supplied the CO 2 tank for the fog machine
Chris and Colin Wilson at A World of Rentals supplied the scaffolding at the stage
Bridget Walker Payne Desjardins Insurance supplied props for the opening as well as the juice boxes and Timbits at registration
Grant Hoekstra recorded the banquet
Mary O’Neil Howlett and McDonald’s Family Restaurants supplied the coffee for the banquet as well as for registration

Also during the last week of the season “Papa Joe” Tessier supplied the music and was our DJ the last week of the season.

Our thanks to these individuals and busineses for believing in what we do for childrren in the community.

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50/50 Winner

Congratulations to Christa Cox, winner of our 50/50 Draw this season. Christa took home a cheque for $1388 from the banquet on Sunday. Our thanks to all supporters that bought tickets all season in support of what we do.

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Award Winners From the 2020 Banquet

Here is a list of the Award Winners from today’s banquet.

The Don “Pete” Petersen Trophy: This award is presented annually to the individual from each division rendering the greatest and most faithful service to the general good of the league.

Little Guys: Colton Irwin and Mason Irwin
Little Gals: Luis Dematos
Girls: Fran Spies and Mike Spies
Biddy: Stephanie Charlton
Graduate: Matthew Tenenhouse

Queen’s University Basketball Camp Winners

Little Guys: Wesley Black- Tarheels
Little Gals: Grace Eves – Lions
Girls: Bryar McCullough – Liberty
Biddy: Reed Mastorakas – Suns
Graduate: Ethan Hanley – Celtics

The Referee’s Trophy: This award is given annually to the coaches of the year

Little Guys: Huskies – Rob O’Grady and Grady Irwin
Little Gals : TIE Rockers – Heather Martin and Tigers – Gloria DeMatos, Mattison Chesterton and Meghrig Milkon
Girls: Sting – Savannah Medley and Kirsti Siltanen
Biddy: Suns – Roland Billings and Jen Bridgen
Graduate: Warriors – Pat Gilmour, Cory Hollywood and Alexandra Gilmour

The Guy Wells Trophy: This trophy is given to the male and female players who best exemplify what the league stands for – sportsmanship, fair play, team play and leadership.
Comets – Dacia Fritz
Heat – Emmitt Irwin

The Tony Pettitt Award: This award is given to recognize the contributions of a non-coaching, adult volunteer.

Terry Fraser

Holy Cross Secondary School Spring League and Summer Camps

Little Guys: Christopher Fraser – Rebels
Little Gals:  Sofia Toffolon – Rockers
Girls:  Paige Mullen – Sting and Caitlyn Zuuring – Monarchs
Biddy:  James Webb – Vikings
Graduate:  Joe Kennedy – Celtics

The Bill MacLeod Memorial Cup: This award is given annually to the player in each division who best reflects the spirit of the league format “Just for the Fun of it”

Little Guys: Matthew Edmunds – Rebels and Riley Garrett – Huskies
Little Gals: Peyton Cheema – Slammers and Ava Plaku – Golden Gals
Girls: Mattison Chesterton – Storm
Biddy: Wyatt Bailey – Ravens
Graduate: Qosay Khalaf- Hawks and Kyle Cifala – Sixers

The Lenny Falcoa Award : This award is given for the TEAM OF THE YEAR in each

Little Guys: Wilcats – Gord and Brandon Dalton
Little Gals: Golden Gals – Heather Hollywood, Lyndsey Hawkins and Claire Brackenbury
Girls Sparks – Taylor Burns and Hayley Torres
Biddy Vikings – Laurie Leeman and Louise Frink
Graduate Heat – Alex Murata and Ray Hibbert

Two Ball Champions and Runners-up

Division Winners (Runners – up)
Little Guys: Colton Irwin and Lagen Lam (Thomas Duong and William Kerr)
Little Gals: Grace Blunt and Addison Best-Taylor  (Zoe Black and Summer Vallier)
Girls: Hazel Cartmell and Abbt Sweet (Robyn Furter and Jessie LaPointe)
Biddy: Cash Baker and Lukas Dingel (Colton Irwin and Sam Tan)
Graduate: Emmitt Irwin and Grady Irwin (Ben Mignault and Brandon Tenenhouse)

Trinity Van Heddegem Memorial Award for the Little Gals Rookie of the Year.
Rebels – Ruby Gunn and
Tigers – Madelyn Meeks

The Gerry Besselink Award : This award is given for effort, respect and dedication to the league.
Juliana Sargent and Abigail Shorrock

St. Lawrence Basketball Camp Awards

Little Guys: Hoosiers – Liam Taylor
Little Gals: Tigers – Charleigh Conboy
Girls: Ryley Kirby – Starzz
Biddy: Ravens – Kaydin Costa-Babcock
Graduate: Bulls – Kai Gray

The Bucky Spencer Memorial Free Throw Champions:


8 years Ishan Das- Jayhawks
9 years Kalen Deptuck – Jayhawks
10 years Colton Irwin – Tarheels
11 years Lukas Dingel – Grizzlies
12 years Eli Griffith – Raptors
13 years Cole Brunet – Sixers
14 years Jacob Seymour – Heat
15 Years Emmitt Irwin – Heat

8 years Taylor Dennis – Lions
9 years Jaden Hope – Monarchs
10 years Libby Thompson – Lions
11 years Keira Hawkins – Liberty
12 years Abby Sweet – Sparks
13 years Teanna Bentley – Sting
14 years Dacia Fritz – Comets

Most Improved Players

Little Guys: Noah Heisterkamp- Mustangs
Little Gals: Talia LaDuca – Aztecs
Girls: Brooklyn St. Pierre – Starzz
Biddy: Brody Carroll – Tarheels
Graduate: Grady Irwin – Heat and Bill McIlroy – Celtics

The Most Valuable Players

Little Guys: Colton Irwin – Tarheels and William Kerr – Wolfpack
Little Gals: Hayley Easton – Aztecs
Girls: Miranda Steele – Mercury
Biddy: Adam Mignault – Magic
Graduate: Emmitt Irwin – Heat and Ben Mignault – Celtics

The Most Sportsmanlike Players

Little Guys: Darren Fernandes – Hoosiers
Little Gals: Sydney Hunter – Rebels
Girls: Breena Silver-Smith – Sparks
Biddy: Luke Sheppard – Grizzlies
Graduate: Max Gill – Bulls

The Carm Londry Trophy for the player in each division that shares the ball

Little Guys: Axl Fritz – Jayhawks
Little Gals: Laine Rutherford – Monarchs
Girls: Chiara McArthur- Monarchs
Biddy: Kaiden Cox – Suns
Graduate:Christopher Kerstens – Sixers and Aathman Rampakash – Warriors

The Top Defensive Players

Little Guys: Sasha Wheeler – Dee – Wildcats
Little Gals: Libby Thompson – Lions
Girls: Abby Ows – Storm
Biddy: Cash Baker – Orange and Ryker Brunette – Raptors
Graduate: Griffin Hunt – Sixers

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Little Gals Division Scores

Results of Games Played Thursday, February 27, 2020

Aztecs 25 (Madison Clements 8, Alexa Zhang 4, Madilyn Twigg 4, Talia LaDuca 2, Fiona Brunet 2, Haley Easton 2, Brooklyn Freeman 2, Laura Provost 1); Slammers 10 (Angelina Sousa 4, Peyton Cheema 2, Isabella St. Germaine 2, Lyra Branscombe 2)

Lions 24 (Morgan Ferguson 8, Libby Thompson 8, Lexi Clarke 4, Diamond Willis 2, Faith Duong 2); Rebels 15 (Sydney Hunter 5, Gwen Gunn 4, Brooke Millotte 4, Jill Anderson 2)

Rockers 12 (Harlee Gordon 4, Maggie McGriskin 2, Emilia Nicholls 2, Dani Stokes-Noonan 2, Celina Beaton 2); Monarchs 6 (Nkechi Ibida 6)

Tigers 23 (Jillian Fisher 6, Charleigh Conboy 4, Mackenna Cox 4, Makenzie Turcotte 4, Tillie Chard 2, Annie Russenholt 2, Adeline De Matos 1)
Golden Gals 5 (Lucy Lake 2, Addyson Best-Taylor 2, Logan Bruyea 1)

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Girls Division Scores

Results of Games Played February 19, 2020

Starzz 28 (Ryley Kirby 8, Ava Cabral 8, Sophie Saunders-Lambert 6, Mackenzie Harman 2, Hannah Deir 2, Riley Claessen 2); Comets 22 (Emily Davis 8, Sierra McCarthy 6, Hazel Cartmell 2, Olivia Lloyd 2, Andy Boles 2, Marley Heyman 2)

Sting 25 (Paige Schiottke 8, Paige Mallen 8, Neila Azimi 5, Teanna Bentley 4); Sparks 14 (Katie Lapointe 7, Olivia Smith 5, Breena Silver-Smith 2)

Monarchs 34 (Taylor Novak 10, Gracie Coffin 8, Ashlyn Zuuring 8, Cailyn Zuuring 4, Chiara McArthur 4); Liberty 12 (Mara Dee 4, Bryar McCullough 4, Leigh’s Provost 3, Reese Cuff 1)

Mercury 25 (Miranda Steele 15, Mackenzie Parks 5, Katrina Lalonde 5); Storm 24 (Vanessa Tapper 6, Dakota Dwyer 6, Abby Ows 6, Allie Thurbly 4, Ava Vance 2)

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Girls Division Scores

Results of Games Played Wednesday February 5th, 2020

Sparks 25 (Breena Silver-Smith 6, Abby Sweet 5, Maddison Mackenzie 4, Finlay Evans 4, Isobel East 2, Katie Lapointe 2, Lexis Snyder 2); Liberty 18 (Cameron Spinelli 10, Bryar McCullough 4, Reese Cuff 2, Keira Hawkis 2)

Monarchs 30 (Taylor Novak 10, Uche Ibida 6, Mia Gray 6, Cailyn Zuuring 6, Rayne Davison 2); Mercury 23 (Miranda Steele 17, Mackenzie Parks 4, Hayden Billings 2)

Storm 24 (Vanessa Tapper 9, Allie Thurbly 6, Hannah Deir 5, Matison Chesterton 2, Aryanna Denee 2); Comets 36 (Dacia Fritz 12, Emily Davis 8, Marley Heyman 8, Andy Boles 4, Sierra McCarthy 4)

Sting 21 (Jayla Thompson 6, Teanna Bentley 6, Paige Schiottke 5, Paige Mallen 2, Claire Anderson 2); Starzz 17 (Hannah Deir 6, Ryley Kirby 6, Ava Cabral 5)

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Little Guys Division Scores

Results of Games Played Tuesday February 25, 2020

Hoosiers 26 (Jackson Burtch 9, Darren Fernandes 8, Warren Cook 5, Ian McNeil 2, Zachary Griffin 2); Tarheels 23 (Colton Irwin 11, Landen Menard 4, Jamie Costa 2, Wesley Black 2, Simon Drumm 2, Blake Lakins 2)

Mustangs 32 (Carson Hicks 8, Seamus Finn 8, Noah Heisterkamp 6, Aiden O’Connor 4, Grady Finn 4, Dylon Sutton 2); Rebels 23 (Lagen Lam 12, Nathan Lamothe 6, Matthew Edmunds 2, Callum Tousignault 2, Alex MacFarlane-Ruffo 1)

Wolfpack 11 (Cooper Broome 6, William Kerr 4, Beau Riley 1); Huskies 6 (Coby Mundacruz 4, Thompson Fisher 2)

Jayhawks 20 (Zakk Ottenhoff 12, Dustin Trudeau 4, Phoenix Lalonde 2, Oliver Vilela 2); Wildcats 18 (Sacha Wheeler-Dee 10, Dyson McCarthy 4, Dylan Tedford 2, Elliott Zouros 2)

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