Trophy Origins 7

Today we talk about the origins of the Trinity VanHeddegem Memorial Award.

First awarded after the 2014-15 season, this award is given to recognize the Little Gals Division Rookie of the Year. The award was established by the family of Trinity following her sudden and tragic passing during the first year she played in the league. It had been her dream to be part of the year end slide show but she never got the chance to see her photo on the big screen.

The “TVH” memorial patches on the Golden Gals uniforms – her team- are another recognition of a little girl gone too soon.

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Trophy Origins 6

We continue our look at the origins of some of the trophies that you will see presented at that event with The Lenny Falcoa, Team of the Year Award. The description below from the league 50th Anniversary history book tells the story well.

The Lenny Falcoa Award (Team of the Year) Award is given out annually to the team that best demonstrates the values of the league – sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork, but where does the name come from? Lenny Falcoa had a disability that prevented him from being an active participant in the league as his brother was. The family appreciated what our programme represented and would often bring Lenny down to games to watch the activities. In appreciation of the enjoyment that the game gave to their family, they donated the trophy that bears Lenny Falcoa’s name as a lasting tribute, and as a gift to the league that he was not able to participate in.”

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Trophy Origins 5

Today we continue our look at the origins of the trophies that you will see presented at the banquet on March 3rd with the story behind the Gerry Besselink Award.

Along with the description below, taken from the league 50th Anniversary History Book, you should know that Gerry was a player in the league along with his siblings, who lived in the neighbourhood – Pete’s neighbourhood- around St. Pat’s school. The school where the league began. After a very successful high school career at Regiopolis and KCVI, Gerry was awarded a basketball scholarship at the University of Connecticut where he had an exceptional NCAA career as well playing for the Huskies. The Huskies in the Little Guys Division were added because of Gerry’s connection to that NCAA team. Gerry went on to have a great professional career in Europe, where he still lives with his family.

The Gerry Besselink Award

This award, established by Gerry in 1992, is presented annually to the player or individual that “demonstrates effort, respect and dedication to the league”. Gerry continues to have a fond place in his heart for the league and in particular for Don Petersen, a solid supporter throughout Gerry’s basketball career. Each year a member of Gerry’s family is invited to the banquet to present the award on his behalf. Gerry’s sister Mary Jane will do the honour this year.

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Trophy Origins 4

Today we continue our review of the origins of the trophies you will see presented at the banquet March 3, with the origins of the Guy Wells Trophy. This description is taken from the 50th Anniversary History Book. 

The Guy Wells Memorial Award

Guy Wells was a local businessman who operated a trophy business. His son Kevin played in the league in the late 60’s, and was the recipient of the President’s Award for the 1967-68 season. The President’s Award is given to the individual who helps in all aspects of making the league run smoothly – scoring, timing, refereeing, set-up and clean-up.

Mr. Wells loved life, and was a practical joker with many of Kevin’s friends when they would come to visit. When Mr. Wells died, his family wanted to donate a trophy in his memory to the league that his son Kevin had enjoyed so much as a player. The award is given annually to the male and female players in the league who best exemplify what the league stands for – sportsmanship, fair play, team play and leadership. It is an award of very special significance.

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Trophy Origins Part 3

As we move closer to the banquet we will continue to let you know about the history behind the names attached to the trophies that will be presented that day. Hopefully these will help you, as followers, understand something more about our league family. Today the spotlight is on the John Long Award, a trophy that is rarely presented at the banquet because of the reason for the award. The description below is from the History of The Knights of Columbus Basketball League published for our 50th anniversary.

The John Long Award

The John Long Award was established as an award to the person, usually from the executive, who makes the biggest “behind the scenes” contribution to the success of the league. John was a contributor to the league in that way when he lived in the city, and continued to be a supporter of our programme when he and his wife Marie moved to Florida. Tragically, he was killed in an automobile accident and the award that has his name continues to be presented annually. You will rerely see this trophy presented at the banquet – it is presented afterwards – behind the scenes and in private – to the recipient, in keeping with the spirit of its meaning.

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Trophy Origins 2

We continue our series about the origin of trophy names in the league. The trophy name is said at the banquet, and often recipients, as well as the league families, don’t know the background story. Below is the description of the Bill MacLeod Memorial Cup as taken from the league 50th Anniversary History.
Bill MacLeod Memorial Cup origin

Bill MacLeod was a special player and a special person. As a student at St.Pat’s, he started to play in the league, and then went on to play at Regiopolis. He was a fun – loving player who had many friends from his association with the league. He was tragically murdered while still a student at Regi, and that loss to the community was felt by everyone who had known Bill through his involvement in local sports. Initially the trophy donated by his family went to the Most Valuable Player in the playoffs, but since the format change in 1992, it has been awarded to the “player that has the most fun” in each division. That is a lasting tribute to a boy who loved whatever game he was playing, and played with passion, because he had fun doing it.

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Trophy Origins

As we near the end of the season and get ready for the banquet , we thought we would give you some history about the origins of some of the trophy names that you will hear at the year end event. The descriptions are lifted from the book about the history of the league published for the 50th Anniversary season.

The first one is The Bucky Spencer Free Throw Champion.
Bucky Spencer was a very active member of the league executive throughout his years of involvement – an individual always willing to do what had to be done to keep things running. He was also an active player in the Border Basketball League with the Bordeaux Heaters and Mortons’ Record Bar, playing with Kingston and District Sports Hall of Fame members Wayne Norris, Charlie Pester and Neil Neasmith on some of the great Kingston teams of the 1960’s. Neil describes Bucky as a tough player who was an excellent rebounder. Bucky’s wife Janet told me that “Bucky knew Pete Petersen through basketball and other sports. He loved working with kids in the league – he had a real love for the game. When Bucky asked Pete what he could do to help out, Pete suggested that we could wash the uniforms – I agreed, but I had no idea what that would mean. It took me all week to get them washed!”

Janet added, “I remember Bucky telling me that when he was at QECVI Murray Osbourne put a pole across the gym and anyone that had to duck to go under the pole that divided the girls and the boys side of the gym was automatically on the basketball team. Bucky was reluctant to play at first but it became a game that he played with a passion for many years after that.”

The winners have been determined in a number of ways over the years. This has included approaches from one day ”shoot offs” to arrive at a champion, to the current format of having all players attempt free throws on game nights to determine the best free throw shooter in each of the league age groups.

Bucky died of a stroke in 1987, and lived by a personal philosophy of “never look back – always look to the future”. A great motto from a man with a big heart, who loved basketball, and helped a lot of children during his life through the Knights of Columbus Basketball League.

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Little Gals Division Scores

Results of Games played February 22

Monarchs 34 (Hailey Henderson 20, Madison Lumb 6, Olivia Greavett 6, Wava Williams 2); Tigers 33 (Gabriella Mundacruiz 28, Abigail Hatt 2, Teleah White 2, Serenity Smith 1)

Slammers 22 (Raelynn Brown 10, Faith Blackstock 4, Paisley Lambert 4, Monarch Malinowski 2, Lindsay Goldie 2); Lions 19 (Annika Fogels 13, Lottie O’Donnell 2, Claire Sweet 2, Delilah Reynolds 2)

Golden Gals 16 (Ruby Splinter 4, Aliyah Brean 4, Alexis Desgagne 2, Parker Morrison 2, Sloan Morrison 2, Mariela Buruca 2); Rebels 4 (Laine D’Aloisio 4)

Aztecs 22 (Haven Gionet 8, Ambrielle Cabral 4, Quinn Canning 4, Naomi Morrison 2, Nevaeh Morrison 2, Emma Hull 2); Rockers 14 (Emma Griffin 10, Harlow Johnston 2, Mairyn Brophy 2)

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Girls Division Scores

Results of Games Played February 21, 2024

Starzz 35 (Myla Harvey-Shields 14, Janelle Shoniker 10, Nevaeh Buscaino 6, Ella Marshall 2, Isabele Cook Dafoe 2, Isobel Reason 1); Sky 27 (Karen Hernandez Castillo 16, Evie Dixon 4, Taleah Blacklaws 3, Anastasza Windover 2, Laura Provost 2)

Liberty 19 (Mira Vanyolai 10, Allisen Dennie 6, Skylar Kirkland 2, Hannah Spencer 1); Dream 18 (Jaden Hope 12, Nicolette Brown 4, Lily Penrose 2)

Mercury 38 (Savannah Deszpoth 12, Summer Campbell 10, Claire Lemieux 6, Melina Demers 4, Megan McMahon 2, Charlie Dee 2, Ellery Sullivan 2); Sting 22 (Summer Vallier 6, Abigail Cook 6, Taylor Hunt 4, Kenley Green 2, Claire O’Connor 2, Lily Ohara 2)

Storm 27 (Violet Joyce 12, Lyra Branscombe 7, Samantha Cody 2, Jacinda Spiridakis 2, Adriana Bracciodieta 2, Finley Dunlop 2); Sparks 22 (Reese Canning 7, Jazmine Saylor-Turner 6, Jouslynn Perrin 5, Alysa Greenidge 2, Victoria Castro 2)

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Little Guys Division Scores

Results of Games Played Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Wildcats 30 (Parker Heyman 12, Avery O’Connor 8, Cassius Heighington 4, Sawyer Rix 2, Matteo Turner 2, Keaton Heyman 2); Wolfpack 26 (John Allen 16, Emmett Grant 8, Maveric Dasilva-Cobb 2)

Mustangs 24 (Sebastian Romeo-Matthews 10, William Huddle 4, Morrie Mignault 4, Liam Elliott 2, Jaxson Ventura 2, Ryder Gibson 2); Hoosiers 16 (Miles Olner 4, Kingslee Brushey 4, Lennox Denison 4, Owen Morris-Pocock 2, Hudson Mercer 2)

Hoyas 28 (Grayden McMillan 10, Otto Bailey 4, Sylas Vickery 4, Leyton Locke 2, Callum Petras 2, Wyatt Petras 2, Corson Hull 2, Christopher Mills 2); Jayhawks 16 (Wynton Fisher 6, Blake Thomson 4, Liam Boisvert 4, Gerald Kelly 2)

Huskies 18 (Daniel Smith 6, Felix Arnold 4, Cameron Shibley 4, Davi Castro 2, Ben Arnold 2); Tarheels 12 (Nathaniel Tilley 8, Airuck 2, Jace Menard 2)

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