Dine and Make a Difference For Them

In the last few years several local restaurants have participated with us in Dine to Donate and Dine to Make a Difference events. With the COVID 19 pandemic, those restaurants have had to make significant adjustments and reductions to what they have been able to offer customers. With that in mind, we in the basketball league have decided that this is an opportunity to do something to help them. Not for any benefit to us, but to ask you as our league families and followers to help us say thanks to them for being such an important part of our league family.

We also are fully aware that this last year has not been easy for many of you too, and we understand that not everyone will be able to participate in all of these events, but if you can, we hope you will.

Over the next several months we will be working with the restaurants that have helped us, to set up Dine and Make a Difference for Them dates for us to support those businesses with food orders on the days we identify for each.

We would like to start with the Pilot House on Wednesday and Thursday, February 24th and 25th, and follow that up in the coming months with dates for Five Guys Burgers and Fries, East Side Mario’s on Weller Avenue, Jack Astor’s, TaTa’s Pizzeria on Princess Street, Coffee Way and McDonald’s. All of them have made a difference for our program, and we hope you will help us help them when they need it.

We will publish details of the menu of each restaurant, and their hours of operation in the days leading up to our dates with them. Please join us in helping make a difference in the community we all share.

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Merry Christmas!

As I was looking through old photos from the league for photos from Christmas, I instead kept seeing photos of friends and families that I want to share with you today. I wrote to someone earlier today that this year I have come to appreciate more the special bond that sports has in bringing families of many generations together. Let’s hope that 2021 sees a return of that opportunity for our league family, and that it comes with a realization of how precious and fragile what we have shared together truly is. Until that happens, stay well, stay healthy, and most of all be happy. Merry Christmas, and please savour all the magic that this time of year has to offer. For more photos from this collection please visit our Facebook page.RB

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National Coaches Week

September 19-27 is National Coaches Week in Canada. Even though they are not on the sidelines this season, we want to thank the hundreds of coaches that have made such a great and positive impact on our players lives in our 66 year history. Don Petersen got it started, and you keep the learning going every year since!

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Countdown to Registration 2021

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Congratulations Calista Payne!

We have been asked to share the following by the Family of Don Petersen

“Congratulations Calista Payne, solo entry and winner of the 2020 Pete Petersen Spirit Memorial Award. Even in our current crazy times the league may be on hold but Pete’s spirit, passion and the desire to help people still plays on through the hearts of those exposed to this unique basketball league.
This years winner of the Don Pete Petersen Spirit Memorial Award is Calista Payne, a coach, helper, and former player in the Girls division. Presenting this award is Hilda Walker, Pete’s sister, and proud grandmother of Calista Payne. Your great Uncle Pete would be so proud of your accomplishments Calista!
Calista has chosen to study at the University of Ottawa pursing a teaching career.
Good Luck to you Calista, we love you!”

NOTE: Presentation photos are available on the Pete Petersen Spirit Memorial Award Facebook page.

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League Face Masks

We have designed a league face mask for those that may want to support our program while also keeping yourself and those around you safe during this global health crisis. We have a limited number of the masks shown below in adult and youth sizes to gauge interest before we order more. Cost is $15 per mask and pick up can be arranged by messaging us through Facebook or the web site.

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This week we collected and washed all of the uniforms from St. Francis of Assisi so that when we start up again in 2021, the uniforms will be ready to go. Our thanks to Susan, Brenda, Nancy, Mary, Nora and the Students in Pearl’s house for your help in getting 400 uniforms washed and line dried. Your support is appreciated!

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Announcement Regarding the 2020-21 season

In the interest of protecting the safety of our players, volunteers and their families, the Pete Petersen Basketball League has decided to suspend operations for the 2020-2021 season. We do not come to this decision easily, but we feel it is best to wait to resume play until such time that we can deliver the same family friendly and “Just for the Fun of It” basketball experience for everyone involved that we have in the past. Hopefully the situation will change for the better for all of us in 2021. Stay safe, stay active, and we look forward to seeing all of you again for the 2021-22 season.

Answers to Frequently asked Questions

1)What factors did you consider in making this decision?

We have been following developments by our sport’s governing bodies as well as other government agencies, nationally, internationally and locally.

1) We understand that there will be no Community Use of schools this fall at least.

2) Basketball Canada and Ontario Basketball are still in practice only and no contact in their return to play protocols, and expect that to continue until at least January.

3) Ontario limits indoor gatherings to no more than 50 people and must maintain social distancing of 6 feet

4) no outdoor gatherings of more than 100

5) KFL&A has a long list of health and safety mandates as do Basketball Canada and Basketball Ontario that we would simply not be able to comply with.

6) Basketball is listed by the CDC as a high risk sport

7) Liability insurance does not cover viral infections, so we would need to do as Basketball Canada is doing – have a player and parent sign a waiver every week.

8) Although important to the community we are far from essential.

9) All of us, and all of our volunteers have someone they should be concerned about that is potentially a high risk for exposure.

10) Even though our local situation is good statistically, the COVID 19 virus is still out there.

2) This would have been my son’s/ daughter’s last year to play. Will you be extending their eligibility for an extra year because of this?

Unfortunately no. We cannot change the calendar and our age requirements as they are now allow for a flow through our divisions year over year. Changing that would be too disruptive.

3) If things change dramatically would you run a spring league?

We feel that it will be best for all of our participants – families, parents players and volunteers- if we commit our energy to ensuring that we are able to deliver the program you have come to expect from us for the 2021-22 season.

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Thank You Dave Reid and Heidi Traulsen!

Last week we received a very generous donation to the league from former long time Raptors coach Dave Reid and his wife Heidi Traulsen. Dave and Heidi have been steadfast supporters of what we do for the children in the community for many years, and this is the latest example of their generosity, and their personal commitment to the children in our program.

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Michael Duong Donation

Earlier this month we received a call from Michael Duong, a coach in the Little Gals Division. During last season Michael was deployed by the Canadian Armed Forces to Lebanon for for a few months, and now he and his family will be transferred to Winnipeg. Before he left however, Michael wanted to make a donation to help the league, and this week he dropped off a VERY generous donation to us. When he dropped of the donation he told me that he has been posted in 4 cities and has never seen a program like ours. He said “To see the progress of the children through the season is amazing, and I am happy to help out in a small way.” He wishes the program well and hopes that we can continue to keep the league affordable for everyone to have a chance at this experience.
We wish Michael and his family safe travels as they relocate to Winnipeg at the end of the month. Thanks for all that you did to make a difference in the lives of your players. You will always be a part of the league family.

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