70th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday was our celebration event to kick off our 70th year of operation, and it was a big success! Below are a few photos from the day that included perfect weather and of course the support from the many volunteers that stepped up to make it all happen. Our thanks to Kelly’s Chip Truck, LionHearts Inc., the band Whiskey Smoke for providing entertainment, Mary O’Neill and McDonald’s Family Restaurants for the coffee, Coffee Way for the Donuts, Mio Gelato for the delicious Mio Gelato treats, Chris Payne and Bridget Walker Payne for the games area, Pam Hollywood and Jackie Patterson for the temporary tattoo station, Korra and Jessie for crewing the snow cone machine, Corey and Hayden Hollywood for their work making balloon animals, Susan Billings and Monique DaCosta for crewing the chips and water distribution, Luis and Liam DeMatos, and Heather Hollywood for crewing the registration booth, Gloria DeMatos and Walter DaCosta for guiding visitors through our walk down memory lane, and to Amber, Liz, Rick, Rob and Julie along with all the other volunteers that helped out throughout the day. Our thanks too to Chris Whyman, Kingston’s own Town Crier, Mayor Bryan Paterson, MPP Ted Hsu and Director of Education for the ALCDSB for giving up their Saturday to attend the event, and to MP Mark Gerretsen for sending his congratulations.

Neil from LionHearts sent this message to us this morning “Really appreciate you having us at the event. The donations will be used towards our student food box that goes out every other week to families that have been identified as food insecure, so we are very grateful for the contribution! Great meeting you as well! It was neat learning more about the league. It’s awesome what you guys are doing”

The event was a concept proposed by Shawn Hollywood, and nurtured over the last several months to what we had Saturday. Shawn did a great job bringing the day together, contacting all of our special guests, paying attention to details, supporting the volunteers and being master of ceremonies for the kick off to what we hope will be a very special season.

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