Doug Jeffries

May 12 Doug Jeffries announced that he will be retiring as a broadcaster after 46 years, effective with his last broadcast on June 15. Throughout his career Doug has shown a passion for local sports unmatched anywhere. Countless hours of his own time have been spent shining a light on sports organizations, events and individual athletes that are far from what would be considered mainstream. We have been fortunate to be the recipient of that beacon that is Doug Jeffries over the years and for that as an organization we will be forever grateful.

Many of you reading this have been, or are, parts of other local organizations that have had Doug cover your event, or you and your team as an athlete.

My request is a simple one, and one I am sure will be echoed around the city in the next month. Don’t let Doug Jeffries walk away June 15th without letting him know how much he is appreciated by the sports community he cares so much about. If you have a story about your interactions with Doug that you want to share, or a comment about his impact on local sports share it here, or send it to me at and I will compile them and get them to Doug. Share this amongst your own networks so that we spread the message as widely as we can in the sports community that Doug loves so much.

On June 15th the light that Doug shone on the dimmer corners of the local sports community will go out. We will continue to operate as before, but the electricity that sweeps through the players at a gym, rink or field when Doug walks in and sets up his camera will go out, and that will be a sad day for local sports. Help make it a little less sad for Doug. RB

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