Donations Update

Recently we received very generous donations from the following individuals in support of the league.

From Yvonne Way and her family in memory of Hilda Walker. Yvonne herself passed away shortly after making the donation so in addition to our thanks, we pass along condolences from the league family to the Way-Brackenbury family on their loss.

Long time league supporter Mark Potter made a significant personal donation to “Help keep Pete’s dream alive”.

David Reid and Heidi Traulsen also made a significant donation as they have annually for many years now. Dave is a former coach of the Raptors in the Biddy Division, and he and Heidi hope that the gyn will soon be alive again with the sound of basketball.

To all of these supporters, thank you for believing in what we do for the children in our community. You have made a difference in the lives of the children that will be part of our program. Be proud of that. R

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