Our sincere thanks to Chris Ferrall and Tove Steffensen for their VERY generous personal donation to our program. The note in the memo line struck a chord with all of us on the executive. The note said “Build Back Better”, and that is what we are committed to do as soon as we can get permission to resume the league operations. We know how much all of you, our league families, and all of us as volunteers, have missed being on the court and in the gyms together, sharing the joy of being involved with the sport we love, and we continue our preparations to make that a reality for the 2021-22 season. We may look a little different logistically, but the spirit that Don Petersen instills in all of us to give you a safe and affordable place to learn how much fun the game of basketball can be, will be the same. Thanks again Chris and Tove for believing in what we do.

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