Congratulations Doug Jeffries!

This month Doug Jeffries celebrated 45 years in the broadcast industry in Kingston. From the start of his career at CKLC / CFLY radio through his time at CKWS / Corus Television, Doug has made a point of doing features on local sports that capture the joy of being an athlete or part of organizations that foster that joy in their participants. Much of that focus has been done on his own, seeking out the organizations. He has been host to countless events, and for us, he has been, along with Mark Potter, the MC for countless end of the year banquets and guest scorekeeper on occasion when he has stopped by the gym. For the last 14 months he has added a flashback feature to the CKWS Sports report to remind us all of how important local sports are to the people of our city. He is a humble man, but he plays a vital part in weaving the fabric of the local sports community. Congratulations Doug, and our heartfelt thanks for being a difference maker in our community!

Doug interviewing league founder Don Petersen

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