Dine and Make a Difference For Them Continues

The next stop on the Dine and Make a Difference For Them events will be “Coffee Way Week” March 22-27 where we hope you will stop in for a take out drink and some of the most delicious fresh baked donuts and goodies in the city. Kris has been a supporter of what we do for many years, supplying donuts for special events, and sponsoring the Player of the Week Awards in the Biddy and Girls Divisions for the past five seasons, and adding the Graduate Division as well the last time we played. Every Player of The Week received a donut and drink from Coffee Way in recognition of their award. Now for the math. Last season alone, that was 22 awards every week, 396 for the season. Since he started supporting us in this way, Kris has donated 1548 Player of the Week “packages” to our players, along with his donations for special events. That is well worth a special Dine and Make a Difference For Them special event, and if that wasn’t enough to convince you, have a look at the photos on our Facebook page.

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