I have been reluctant to write posts during this crisis, but an email I received from a league family this morning asking if my wife and I were okay and if we needed anything, has prompted me to sit down on the keyboard and write a little. The email was a reminder that our league is very much a family and a community that care about each other, and also a reminder that these days are an opportunity for us to call, e mail, and check in on each other to see if people need any help. There are no doubt seniors in your life that could use someone to talk to because they may be either unable or afraid to go out. There are workers that can’t go to work because their businesses have been ordered to close down and may just like the chance to talk to someone. There are people in our community and league family that go to work in high risk positions that are worried about what the day will bring, and there are others that are working in the few businesses that remain open that look at each customer with a smile, but wonder if that last transaction was with someone that may be infected but didn’t know it. These are times that heighten anxiety and make many people turn inward. Reach out to those around you to talk, or in most cases just listen to what they have to say.

I have seen variations of this many times in the last few weeks and it can be easily adjusted to our organization.

When this is over, I will no longer take for granted :

The sound of basketballs bouncing
The sound of whistles blowing
The sound of children laughing
The availability of gummy worms at the canteen
Being able to spend time with my friends
The smell of the uniforms
The “good game” high fives
Rob and Chris asking “Guess what time it is?” at half time
Using the flip chart score board
The post game fan changes and the meeting of people
Parents and players helping set up and clean up.

What about you?

Stay well, stay safe and stay together. RB

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