Memorial Patches

As we begin league play tonight you will notice three memorial patches on uniforms in the league.

A PETE patch appears on all uniforms and is to commemorate the life and contributions of league founder Don “Pete”Petersen. Don started the league as a 17 year old caretaker at St. Patrick School and that commitment to the children in his neighbourhood has grown in to the 38 team program we enjoy today.

All of the Biddy Division uniforms also carry a MR patch in memory of, and to commemorate the contributions made to the league by Mike Robertson. Mike lived beside St. Pat’s, and spent his evenings at the gym in the role of referee for several divisions, but with a special attachment to the Biddy group. He was a huge supporter of our fundraising efforts and a significant behind the scenes contributor to our success.

The third memorial patch you will see on the Golden Gals uniforms in the Little Gals Division. These TVH patches are worn to commemorate the too short life of Trinity VanHeddegem, a player on the Golden Gals that passed away during her first season playing with us. The Trinity VanHeddegem Award is given annually at the banquet to a first year player in the Little Gals Division at the banquet.

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