Transformational Coaching Workshop

The Transformational Coaching Workshop hosted by Queen’s University will be held on Saturday October 27 starting at 9 am at the SKHS Building at 28 Division Street in room 202 on the second floor. Free parking is available in the lot on Clergy Street just east of Division Street. So far we have the following coaches attending: Roland Billings; Ryota Udo;Fraser McArthur; Emmitt Irwin; Grady Irwin; Brandon Greenwood; Ashleigh Whitley; Kimberly Ann Duttle; Kimberly Ann Duttle Guest; Erin Finn; Laurie Leeman; Louise Frink; Jen Bridgen; Gord Griffen; Rob O’Grady; Jessica Peace; Emma Hollywood; Rebecca Jozsa; Hannah Jozsa.
It is not too late to register. If you wish to attend, please contact Roland Billings.
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