Registration 2018

With just 5 sleeps left before registration day 2018 on Saturday September 8, we thought that it would be appropriate to share the map showing which door we will be using to enter the school for registration. The door will be marked with a poster and there will be others on windows directing you around the school to the right door. See you then!

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4 Responses to Registration 2018

  1. Sara Morton-Haynes says:

    Hi there,

    I’m coming on Saturday to register my son for the Boys 8-10 league.
    His best friend also wants to join but they can’t make it to the registration on Saturday. Am I able to register both of them?

    (613) 583-5940

  2. Josie de Ruiter says:

    What time will volunteers be there? What time is recommended to be there based on previous years registration in order to likely get a spot?

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