Just 34 More Sleeps to Go!

It is hard to believe that the day we have been anticipating since the season wrapped up in March is now only 34 days away! Here are the answers to more frequently asked questions as we get closer to the big day. Frequently Asked Questions 1-4 were in an earlier post and are also on the web site. Full registration details are under “Events” both here and on the league Facebook Page.

5) What happens if I miss the player evaluation night? Will my child be “cut” from the program?
Answer: While we hope that all players come out for evaluation night, no one that is registered will be “cut”. All will be placed on a team, and you will be notified what team and the team practice time in the days following our September 19 coaches meeting.

6) What do I do if I find out that my child has a conflict with another activity or decides they don’t want to play this season?
Answer: Please notify us as soon as possible by e mail (roland.billings@sympatico.ca), by phone (613 548-8790), through the web site or Facebook page. We will likely have a waiting list in each division of players that want to play, and a decision on your part will get one of them into the league.

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