Don “Pete” Petersen

It was four years ago today that we lost the founder of the basketball league when Don Petersen passed away. He was so much more than that to those that knew him. He was a mentor, a friend, a confidant, someone to talk with, someone that loved life, and loved being around children and adults at play in all the forms that play takes. He loved his school, and he loved being in the gym that had his name. Pete was quiet most of the time, but made his opinions known when they needed to be. He inspired those around him during his life and he continues to do that today. All of us involved in his league miss him, but we remain committed to the dream he had when he threw open the doors of the St Pat’s gym and invited the children on the hill in to play some basketball. We will continue to give the children of the community a safe and affordable place to learn the game of basketball, and how much fun participating in those games can be. We are also committed to reminding our participants that there was a great person behind the name of the league, and the name of the gym where we play the games. Don “Pete” Petersen was a real person and he continues to be loved, respected and missed.

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