Memorial Patches

As we start games next week you will see three memorial patches on uniforms in the league. We thought that it would be appropriate before the season starts to let you know the history of the people they represent.

A “PETE” patch is on all of the league uniforms and was added in memory of our league founder Don “Pete” Petersen, who passed away four years ago. Don was the caretaker at St. Pat’s when he started the league as a safe place in his neighbourhood for the children to come to play basketball and to learn just how much fun the game can be. He was active in all aspects of the league for many years and was a guiding hand in our activities up until the time of his death. The patch is a reminder for all of us involved to stay true to his guiding principals that we are all involved to make this a positive experience for the children, and for the children playing to hopefully remember that the league continues because of the dream of this man and the commitment of those he influenced so profoundly.

A “MR” patch is on the Biddy Division uniforms to honour the memory and the contributions of Mike Robertson to the success of the league. Mike was a long time volunteer that lived next door to St. Pat’s and was active all nights of the week as a referee and volunteer, but was especially helpful in the Biddy Division for many years. Mike had a life long love of basketball and a commitment to both Don and the league that had him willingly doing whatever he could to help out.

A “TVH” memorial patch is on the Golden Gals uniforms in the Little Gals Division in memory of Trinity VanHeddegem, a first year player on the Golden Gals that died tragically during her first year with the team. Trinity was full of life and loved being at the gym on game nights even before she started playing, and the patch is a reminder that even though her time with us was short, it was a time worth remembering and celebrating.

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