Special Requests

As we go through the process of making the teams, it is important for all parents to remember that not all special requests for players to be together will be met. Our first obligation is to put siblings together unless we are requested not to by parents, and after that to look after families that are travelling from areas outside the city. Our next obligation is to balance the teams. When we get requests for six and eight players to be together on the same team, that is an unrealistic request and it will not be accomodated. Playing a team sport gives children the opportunity to make new friends from other areas of our community, and playing against the children they go to school with every day gives them something to talk about before and after games. We know that you understand the difficult position our convenors are in putting teams together, and hopefully this explanation of our priorities in doing that will help you explain why your child will not be playing on the same team as their seven closest friends.

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