At registration a newsletter was handed out to people registering players. We thought that it would be appropriate to make an electronic version available as well, so the contents are being published here and on our Facebook page.


Welcome to the “Pete” Petersen Basketball League. We are committed to the ideals that we were taught for so many years by the league founder Don “Pete” Petersen. The league motto is Basketball “Just for the Fun of it” and we are going to hold true to that motto as the year goes on. We are, first and foremost, a basketball league, so we will have exciting games, and competitive games, but it means that our league will help the players learn how much fun the game can be. There will be no standings kept, and there will be no playoffs. From time to time we also may need to move players to keep the teams balanced. We will let you know when that is needed, and we know that you will help your players understand as well.
This newsletter will give you some information about upcoming events and how our league operates. Welcome to year 62 of the league that “Pete” built!

Game Night Security

Everyone needs to be aware that there are steps that should be taken so that every game night is an enjoyable one for players and parents. Here are some safety tips that will help ensure both security and player safety.
Lock your car– The message that is often given at Christmas applies all year round. Don’t leave parcels visible inside your car. It may be something insignificant, but a parcel to a possible thief may look valuable enough that car windows get broken.
Do not leave valuable items in the change rooms – every year things sometimes go missing from the change rooms. Those items should be left with an adult or brought to the bench.
Wet Floors – Please leave wet footwear in the entry hall, and let the division convenors know if things get spilled along the end lines.

Save the Dates

Two Ball Tournament November 20
Our annual event for teams of two will run from noon until we are finished.
Kingston Frontenacs February 5
Again this year we are partnering with the Frontenacs for their game against Erie.
Year End Banquet March 5
Our season ending Awards banquet and hot dog feast at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall.

Watch our web site or follow us on Facebook and Twitter (Pete Petersen Basketball) to learn more about upcoming events, game scores and league news!


Wearing jewelry – especially earrings bracelets and watches – present the player wearing them to a risk of personal injury. IF THEY CAN BE REMOVED THEY MUST BE REMOVED. If you are considering adding earrings, please wait until the Christmas break. If you have recently added a piercing, and cannot remove the object (this is VERY rare) for the game or practice, we will work with the player and parents to find a temporary solution. In regular basketball games the rule is simply that a player may not participate while wearing jewelry.


Again this year we will be having a Sneaker Draw and a Fifty Fifty Draw. Tickets for both are $1 and are available at registration and at the canteen. The Sneaker Draw will be on December 1, and the Fifty Fifty Draw will be held at the year-end banquet March 5.

Clothing Sales

This year we will be selling long and short sleeved t shirts, special order golf shirts and special order hoodies and half zippered tops. All of these will be available during registration and then again starting the first week of the season. For t shirts we will place a second order for delivery before Christmas if we run out of your size. Cost of the long sleeve T will be $20 and the short sleeve $15.

Memorial Patches

On all of the league uniforms you will see a patch that says “PETE”, in honour of the league founder Don “Pete” Petersen, who passed away in 2014. On all of the biddy Division uniforms you will see a patch that says “MR”, in honour of Mike Robertson, a long time volunteer with the league, and on the Little Gals Golden Gals uniforms you will see a patch that says “TVH” in recognition of Trinity VanHeddegem, a player on that team who passed away during the 2012-13 season. This is a small way that we recognize the contributions of two men that made the league what it is, and a vibrant little girl taken from us too soon.

Our History and Pete’s Legacy

This is a league that started 62 seasons ago under the watchful eye and guiding hands of Don “Pete” Petersen. Originally known as the St. John’s Parish Basketball League, it soon became known as the Knights of Columbus Basketball League, still under Pete’s mentorship. This year we plan on operating 38 teams in five divisions giving more than 500 children and volunteers the chance to learn and enjoy the game together with you – the families who share in that experience. We have the experience of knowing that family and volunteer partnerships, and our relationship with the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board will ensure another successful season.

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