A letter to all players, parents, coaches and volunteers

This week we start our 61st season of play as a league, and our first under the banner of the “Pete” Petersen Basketball League. Our motto is “Basketball “Just for the Fun of it”, and I want to take a few minutes to explain our philosophy in the context of that motto.

First and foremost, we are a basketball league. We are committed to helping our players learn the fundamentals and the skills of the game in an atmosphere where playing time is equalized within the flow of the game, and where we will keep no standings and have no playoffs. We want the experience each season to be positive one for our players.

Many who don’t know our program, refer to us as “non-competitive”. That is not true. We will have competitive games as long as there is a scoreboard, because it is important for children to learn that all games deserve the best effort possible from everyone involved. We will continue to celebrate that effort, and encourage our players to do their best on the court. We will celebrate with sportsmanship at the end of every contest, and congratulate each other on a job well done.

Our coaches and executive are committed to make the experience this season a positive one for everyone involved, regardless of skill level. Basketball is a wonderful game, and a game that you can stay involved with your entire life. Pete Petersen taught us that teaching children how much fun the game can be is paramount, but he also taught us to teach the game’s fundamentals, and celebrate the first career basket, and the great assist, as much or more than the victory when the final horn sounds.

Enjoy the experience with the league that Pete built. We are all looking forward to sharing these “first” experiences. We have 500 players and close to 100 volunteers who are anxious to get started. Let’s have a great season, celebrate all the smiles, all of the laughter, and all of the “firsts” together.

Roland Billings
League President
Boost P

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