Queen’s vs Waterloo Friday November 14

Last season Matthew Viermaa and other students from the Queen’s School of Kinesiology and Health Studies did a research project with our Graduate, Biddy and Girls Divisions. Matthew continues to work with the Biddy Division this season. As a token of appreciation for our support for their work, Matthew has secured 75 tickets to the Queen’s home opener November 14 against the Waterloo Warriors. Game time for the women’s game is 6 pm with the men’s game following at 8 pm. The convenors will have the tickets available on game nights in those divisions next week so if you are interested in attending please see them either before or after your game. They will be making announcements as a reminder on Monday.
Thanks to Matt for getting the tickets for our players. We appreciated the opportunity to partner with the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies on the study last season and we will continue to work with them in their future research.

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