Queen’s University Project

Last week Matthew Vierimaa and Jennifer Turnnidge from the Queen’s Sport’s Psychology Department began their project studying the league, with a visit to the Biddy Division Monday night. This week they will be at the Graduate Division Monday night and the Girls Division on Wednesday. The process of their study will involve observations, filming games and interviews with parents, players and coaches that are interested in participating in their project. Participation is completely voluntary, but I hope that many of you will agree to help Matt and Jenn understand the interactions between our players and coaches, between players, and what makes the league work. We have also been assured that all interviews and participation will be anonymous in the final report.
They will circulate around the gym to answer questions on game nights while they distribute and collect permission forms, but they have also asked that I give you their contact e mail addresses if you have any questions after the process starts. Matt can be reached at 5mv5@queensu.ca and Jenn can be reached at 5jm14@queensu.ca. This project will focus on the Biddy, Graduate and Girls Divisions.

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