Two Ball Tournament 2013

The annual league two ball tournament will be held on Sunday November 17 at St. Pat’s starting at 11 am. The Little Gals and Little Guys tournaments will be done first, followed by the tournaments for the other three divisions. The finishing time can’t be determined because that will be determined by the number of teams entered. Typically we are finished by 2 pm. The tournaments are open to all players in the league. You put a team of two players in from within your division this week or at the tournament on Sunday. Registration forms are at St. Pat’s. Graduate Division players can register at the tournament. It was decided that this made logistical sense.
Demonstrations of the rules will be done this week at half time of the games at St. Pat’s. My apologies to the Graduate Division, but I can’t be two places at once on Monday for the demonstrations.
Each team entering will be guaranteed two games in the tournament. It is a lot of fun for everyone, so I hope that you will consider participating in this league event if your schedule allows.

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