Commemorative Patches

A few weeks ago we announced that a special commemorative patch would be worn on all of the Girls Division uniforms this season to recognize the establishment of the Girls Division 40 years ago, and to specifically recognize the work done by Joanie Besselink and Mary O’Neill to make that happen.

You will see other memorial patches on uniforms and we wanted to give you some background on each of them.

PETE – You will see these patches on all league uniforms to remember the league founder Don “Pete” Petersen, the man that started the league 68 years ago.

MR – You will see these patches on all Biddy Division uniforms to remember Mike Robertson, a long time volunteer with the league who was a referee in all divisions and member of league executive for many years.

TVH – You will see these patches on the Golden Gals uniforms in the Little Gals Division. These patches are in memory of Trinty VanHeddegem, a player on the Golden Gals that sadly passed away during the season a few years ago. Her hope that season was to be be included in the season ending slide show. The Trinity VanHeddegem Memorial Award is given to the Little Gals Division “Rookie of the Year” each season.

We hope this helps you understand the special memorials and contributions made to help make and keep the league that Don Petersen started a special place to be.

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