Donations Update

As mentioned in an earlier post, the family of the late Brenda Taylor requested that donations in her memory be made to the basketball league. Our thanks to the Smith family for their donation in Brenda’s memory. In speaking with Brenda’s daughter Sherri, I know that she was deeply touched by both the donation , and by the outpouring of support she has received since her mother’s passing.

This week we also received an in memoriam donation from the Kingston and District Sports Hall of Fame in memory of KDSHF member Anne Turnbull. Anne was a true champion of women in sports throughout her time at Queen’s University. I first met Anne when I was a student working at the Queen’s Phys. Ed Centre, and later worked with her as a member of the KDSHF Selection Committee. When preparing to write this I reflected a bit about our own organization , and realized that Anne would like what we have. We have many women in positions of leadership in the league in all divisions, and also in the roles of coaches and mentors for our players to emulate in their lives. Opportunities for all of them – all of you – in those positions over the years is something Anne would be proud of.

Our condolences to the two families in this post on your loss. We hope that the memories you have of Brenda and Anne will bring you comfort and peace. Thank you for believing in what we do for the children in our community. R

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