Congratulations Calista Payne!

We have been asked to share the following by the Family of Don Petersen

“Congratulations Calista Payne, solo entry and winner of the 2020 Pete Petersen Spirit Memorial Award. Even in our current crazy times the league may be on hold but Pete’s spirit, passion and the desire to help people still plays on through the hearts of those exposed to this unique basketball league.
This years winner of the Don Pete Petersen Spirit Memorial Award is Calista Payne, a coach, helper, and former player in the Girls division. Presenting this award is Hilda Walker, Pete’s sister, and proud grandmother of Calista Payne. Your great Uncle Pete would be so proud of your accomplishments Calista!
Calista has chosen to study at the University of Ottawa pursing a teaching career.
Good Luck to you Calista, we love you!”

NOTE: Presentation photos are available on the Pete Petersen Spirit Memorial Award Facebook page.

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