Clothing Sales Resume For All Divisions Next Week

Clothing sales will be available again in all divisions starting again this week as we start practices.  Long Sleeve T Shirts ($20), Short Sleeve T Shirts ($15), Caps ($15) will be available for purchase right away, and hooded sweatshirts (Special orders @ $35.00 each)will be available to order. We have the sweatshirts for sizing, and they will be on display game nights so you can see the colour and style. The T Shirt , cap and hoodie designs for this season can be seen by clicking on our Merchandise tab. The t shirts are orange with the sketch of league founder Don “Pete” Petersen as part of the logo, and the 65 in green as homage to the league roots at St. Pat’s school. The hoodies have the official league crest full chest.

Clothing will be on sale and available for purchase or order until October 24, at which time we will place our FINAL order so that we can have them available for pick up before we break for the holidays. DON”T PROCRASTINATE! Get these special collectors items now.

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