Shooting Clinics 2019

In our history we have been very fortunate to have developed close relationships with both Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College. That tradition continues next week, when both the men’s and women’s teams from both schools will be coming to our gyms to provide opportunities for our players to learn skills to help develop their shooting ability. We are very grateful for the players and coaches for taking the time from their season preparation to give back to the children in our league – a league some of them got their start in. Here is the schedule.

Pete Petersen Basketball League
Shooting Clinics 2019

Monday September 16

At Cathedrale: 5:30-7 pm Graduate 13 years old

7-8:30 pm – Graduate 14-15 year olds

At St. Francis 6-7pm – Biddy Division 11 year old boys

7- 8 pm – Biddy Division 12 year old boys

Tuesday September 17

At St Francis 6:00-6:45 Little Guys 8 years old

6:45 – 7:30 pm Little Guys 9 years old

7:30- 8:15 pm Little Guys 10 years old

Wednesday September 18

At St Francis 6:00-6:45 Little Gals 8 and 9 years old

6:45 – 7:30 pm Little Gals 10 years old and Girls 11-12 yrs old

7:30- 8:15 pm Girls 13-14 years old

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