Just One Week to go!

Just one more week until Registration 2015! In case you forgot, or you want to share the information with friends, here are the registration details:

Registration Date: Saturday September 12, 2015

Location: St. Patrick School, 158 Patrick Street

Time: 9-10:30 am.

Cost for the season: $10 (cash, or cheques made payable to the “Pete” Petersen Basketball League)

Boys- 8-15; Girls 8-14

All ages are the age that the player will be on April 1, 2016
No Pre-registration
Divisional breakdown for this season:
Little Guys Division: Boys 8-10 – Tuesday nights at St. Pat’s
Biddy Division: Boys 11-12 – Monday nights at St. Pat’s
Graduate Division: Boys 13-15 – Monday nights at Ecole Cathedrale
Little Gals Division: Girls 8-10 – Thursday nights at St. Pat’s
Girls Division: Girls 11-14 – Wednesday nights at St. Pat’s

We are frequently asked about whether or not there are additional practices nights during the week that families should plan into their calendars. There are not. Our focus is on games, and providing pre-game instructions for players. Here is what you can expect the first four weeks after registration:

September 14-17 – Player Evaluations – These are practices run in each division on the same night of the week that they will play the games. A schedule will be given to you at registration. The purpose of this night is to do a preliminary assessment of player skill level so that we can balance the teams. We are often asked if players get “cut” through this process. They do not. If you are registered you will be put on a team, even if for some reason you are not able to make this evaluation night.

September 21-24 – There is no activity for players this week. We have our coaches meeting on September 23 so players will hear what team they are on, and when their team practice is in the days following that meeting.

September 28- October 1 – Players will have a practice with their team on the same nights that their games will be played. ***When the coaches call please make sure to mark down the team that the player is on and the time slot for the practice. The practice will be 45 minutes long. Schedules will be handed out at this time.

October 5-8 – The season starts in all divisions. Schedules will be available as well on this web site, and can be sorted by division and team.

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