Reflections on the League

The 60th Anniversary of the league is a significant milestone for us, and as part of our celebrations we want to collect the reflections of current and former players, parents, helpers and coaches about their experiences with the league, and the people around it. If you want to send your comments electronically, you can send them to, or if you would rather write them out, they can be mailed to Roland at 31 Ellerbeck Street, or they can be dropped off at the St. Pat’s canteen. At our reunion gathering at the Grizzly Grill November 8 we will have paper and pens available if you want to write something to us then.

Recording and maintaining the history of our league is important to us, and along with the recording the winners of trophies and photos of players every year, it is important to capture impressions that people have had. We would like your thoughts by November 30, but if you don’t want to wait until the last minute, that is okay with us!

Please share this request with your networks as well to help spread the word. Thanks!!

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