Awards Banquet Results

Knights of Columbus Basketball League award Winners from the 58th Annual Banquet held Sunday March 2, 2013

The Presidents Trophy: This award is presented annually to the individual from each division who helps in all aspects of making the league run smoothly, such as scoring, timing, refereeing, set-up and clean up.
Division Winner
Little Guys Grant Hoekstra
Little Gals Lindsey Hawkins
Girls Sarah Barnes
Biddy Ellie Afidenyo
Graduate Troy Carpenter

Sponsorships to the Queen’s University Basketball Camp
Division Winner
Little Guys Jackson Hollywood – Rebels
Little Gals Tiyona Beleza –Golden Gals
Girls Cryslyn Carroll – Starzz
Biddy Jacob Corby – Cavaliers
Graduate Cove McConnell – Sixers

The Referee’s Trophy: This award is given annually to the coaches of the year in each division who best exemplify what coaching in the league is all about.
Division Winner
Little Guys Rob Rothwage; Troy Gadbots; Tom McGinnis – Jayhawks
Little Gals Justus Sherbert – Rebels
Girls John Brackenbury – Monarchs
Biddy Paul Medeiros; Max Crothers – Cavaliers
Graduate R.J. Kelsey; Courtney Lambert – Bulls

The Guy Wells Trophy: This trophy is given to the male and female players who best exemplify what the league stands for – sportsmanship, fair play, team play and leadership.
Brooklinn Kennedy – Comets
Josh Noble – Bulls

The Tony Pettitt Award: This award, is given to recognize the contributions of a non-coaching, adult volunteer.
Eli VanHeddegem

The Bill MacLeod Memorial Cup: This award is given annually to the player in each division who best reflects the spirit of the league format “Just for the Fun of it”

Division Winner
Little Guys Ethan Kelsey – Huskies

Little Gals Daphnee Corbeil – Tigers

Girls Hailey McNutt – Mercury

Biddy Alex Rich – Vikings

Griffen Sutherland – Raptors
Graduate Carter Hammond – Heat

Ryan Walker – Bulls

The Lenny Falcoa Award : This award is given for the TEAM OF THE YEAR in each division that best exemplifies the hustle, team work, and all around attitude that makes the league so much fun
Division Winner
Little Guys Hoosiers
Little Gals Aztecs
Girls Sparks
Biddy Suns
Graduate Sixers

Two Ball Champions and Runners-up : These are the winning teams and the runners up from a two ball tournament held for all league players in November.
Division Winners Runners – up
Little Guys Elijah Brown-Marfo and Hunter Munroe Zach Corby and Josh Tam
Little Gals Bridget Mignault and Rachel Oleschuk Savannah Medley and Cailey Stretch
Girls Zoe McAuley and Hailey McNutt Lauren Larabie and Calista Payne
Biddy Carson Payne and Cameron Hoekstra Jacob Corby and Zach Deir
Graduate PIers Elms and Nathan Morey Damian Bark and Coty Scott

The Gerry Besselink Award : This award is given for effort, respect and dedication to the league.
Zoe McAuley

St. Lawrence Basketball Camp Awards
Brianna Dondero Liberty
Matt Nowak Heat

The Bucky Spencer Memorial Free Throw Champions: This award goes to the best free throw shooters in the league in each age group.
Age group Winners
Boys 8 years Emmitt Irwin – Mustangs

9 years Sam Playter – Huskies

10 years Callum Finucone – Jayhawks

11 years Zachary Corbeil – Raptors

12 years Ethan Cahill – Magic

13 years Danny O’Connor – Sixers

14 years Paul Sagriff – Heat

15 Years Sebastian Hubbard – Sixers

Girls 8 years Jada English – Aztecs

9 years Kennedy Joyce – Lions

10 years Bridget Mignault – Monarchs
Lauren Ralph – Golden Gals
11 years Calista Payne – Storm

12 years Samantha Lucas – Mercury

13 years Hailyn Carr-Williamson – Sting

14 years Brooklinn Kennedy – Comets

Most Improved Players
Division Winner
Little Guys Anthony Couto – Jayhawks

Little Gals
Baylee White – Aztecs
Girls Abbey Hetherington – Sparks
Biddy Michael Rowsell – Tarheels

Zach O’Grady – Suns
Nicholas Elliott – Celtics

The Most Valuable Players
Division Winner
Little Guys Braiden Clarke – Wildcats

Aiden Proderick – Wolfpack
Little Gals Bridget Mignault – Monarchs
Girls Willow Thomas – Sting

Biddy Colin Bowman – Grizzlies

Ethan Cahill – Magic
Graduate Alexis Forget – Bulls

The Most Sportsmanlike Players
Division Winner
Little Guys Thomas Medeiros – Mustangs
Little Gals Cailey Stretch – Rockers

Alyssa Faroldi – Rebels
Girls Giovanna Agostino – Monarchs
Biddy William Kennedy – Cavaliers
Graduate Liam Cregg and

Emmett Cregg – Sixers

The Carm Londry Trophy for the player that shares the ball with teammates.
Division Winner
Little Guys Noah Kulich – Rebels

Little Gals Abbygail Shorrock – Slammers
Girls Emily Bruce – Storm

Biddy Carson Payne – Suns

Johnathan Murphy – Ravens
Graduate Clay Taylor – Sixers

The Top Defensive Players
Division Winner
Little Guys Jack Thurlby – Tarheels

Ben Sagriff – Hoosiers
Little Gals Rebecca Steeves – Lions

Mackenzie Thompson – Golden Gals
Girls Kya Munroe – Mercury

Biddy Antonio Salamone – Tarheels
Graduate Chandler Matthews – Bulls

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