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Registration 2017


Registration for the 2017-18 season will be on Saturday September 9 from 9-10:30 at the new St. Francis Of Assisi School on Wiley Street just off Weller Avenue. Cost for the season is $10 per player, and proof of age is required to register. Ages for the upcoming season are as follows:
Little Gals- Girls 8-10; Girls- girls 11-14; Little Guys – boys 8-10; Biddy – boys 11-12; Graduate – boys 13-15. ALL AGES ARE THE AGE THAT THE PLAYER WILL BE ON APRIL 1, 2018
Graduate Division Games are played at Ecole Cathedrale, all other games will be played at St.Francis of Assisi.
There is no pre-registration, and no on line registration. First come, first served. Be there early – Space is limited.


Annual Golf Tournament


Our Annual Golf Tournament Fund Raising Event is coming up on Friday June 16 with an 8 am start at the Colonnade Golf and Country Club. Entry fee is $95 per player and includes green fees, two carts per foursome, a chicken dinner and prize table. This week we also learned that Braden Ford will be supplying a car as a prize for a Hole in One at a par 3 hole to be designated at the event. Our thanks to them for their support of what we do with the league. To enter a team, please contact either Roland Billings or Rick Hollywood before June 1.


Year End Banquet Sunday March 5, 2017

Our year end Awards Banquet and hotdog feast will be on Sunday March 5, 2017. The doors to Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall will open at noon and the food will start to be served shortly after that. The presentations will start at approximately 1 pm and we will be finished by 3 pm. Everyone is welcome. The 50 / 50 draw will take place at the banquet and we will have a special draw as well. DVD’s of the Slide Show to be shown at the banquet will be available for $3 each.


St. Lawrence College Community BBQ

Friday October 21 at St. Lawrence the college will once again be hosting a FREE community BBQ before their regular season opening doubleheader against Centennial. The women’s game starts at 6 and the men’s game follows at 8. Come out and enjoy this celebration of both great basketball, and the long standing partnership between our league and the college.

Two Ball Tournament November 20
Our annual event for teams of two will run from noon until we are finished.The Annual League Two Ball Tournament will take place at St. Pat’s School starting at noon. Doors will open at 1130 for warmups and entry confirmation. The format will be demonstrated at games the week prior to the event, but here is what you need to know: 1)We will have five different tournaments – one for each division of the league. 2) Your team of two players must be from the division that you play in, but it can be from players on any team within the division. 3) We will play music for a one minute “game” and the team that gets the most points from the designated shooting spots on the floor will advance in the tournament. 4) You are guaranteed at least two games. 5) you can’t shoot from the same spot on the floor two times in a row as a team or as an individual – move around! Entry forms will be available at the gym office at St. Pat’s the week before the tournament. Graduate division teams can register at St. Pat’s that week, or on the 20th at the tournament.
Kingston Frontenacs February 5
Again this year we are partnering with the Frontenacs for their game against Erie.
Year End Banquet March 5
Our season ending Awards banquet and hot dog feast at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall.

Registration 2017

Date: Saturday September 9, 2017
Place: TBA
Time: 9-10:30am (don’t forget that space is limited)

Cost: $10 for the season

All ages are the age that the player will be on April 1, 2018
Little Guys – Boys 8-10 (Tuesday nights)
Biddy – Boys 11-12 (Monday nights)
Graduate – Boys 13-15 (Monday nights at Ecole Cathedrale)
Little Gals – girls 8-10 (Thursday nights)
Girls – girls 11-14 (Wednesday nights)
All games at St. Pat’s with the exception of the Graduate Division.
Proof of age for the player required to register.

THERE IS NO ONLINE OR PRE REGISTRATION. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. If you cannot be there, someone else can register your child for you, and you will then need to sign the permission form prior to the player participating in any activities.







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