Queen’s University Study

We have been approached by Queen’s University to work with them on a graduate student study. This year Alex Murata will be wanting to talk to parents on game nights, and possibly registration morning, to help him with his research. Here is the description:
“An inquiry into the values and philosophy of families participating in recreational sport”
The Performance Lab for the Advancement of Youth Sport (PLAYS) at Queen’s University is looking to sit down with the families of players participating in the Pete Petersen Basketball League for the upcoming 2018-2019 season! It is hoped that these conversations will allow both researchers and league organizers to better understand the motivation behind enrolling children in basketball as well as in recreational sport generally. The feedback and comments received will be used to help the Pete Petersen Basketball League to continue to provide quality recreation to Kingston youth and also aid in the creation of more player-centered sport programming in the future!”

We hope that you as parents and families will welcome Alex to the basketball league family. Along with his research, Alex will be joining us as a coach in the Graduate Division.

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