Little Guys Division Scores

Results of Games Played Tues Oct 3, 2017

Rebels 29 (Kaiden Cox 12, Jacob Girard 6, Nathan Castellarin 5, Jace Davidson 4, Tyler Flake 2); Jayhawks 23 (Nicholas Chalmers 13, Duncan Gunn 4, Gavin Wallace 2, Owen Wallace 2, Henry Yanovsky-Ball 2)

Tarheels 26 (Otto French 10, Dylan Joy 6, Mason Irwin 4, Nathan Arnott 2, Adam Hendry 2, Colton Irwin 2): Hoosiers 22 (James Webb 6, Samuel Tan 5, Weston Coooer 4, Troy Dodier 3, Bennie Allan 2, Landen Mehard 2)

Wildcats 18 (Cash Baker 8, Eliot Blackwell 6, Elliott Smith 2, Carson Deszpoth 2); Mustangs 18 (Emmett Row 10, Ashwin Laird 4, Jacob Campbell 2, Owen Lutz 2)

Huskies 17 (Noah Kahlen 5, Ryan Badour 4, Rowan Hicks 2, Matthew Benjamin 2, Jack Neasmith 2, Sacha Wheeler-Dee 2); Wolfpack 10 (Luca Repetti 4, Luca Bardana 2, Marcus Repetti 2, Ryan Kyle 2)

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Recognition For The Fraser Family

Last night at the opening night of play in the Little Guys Division we took some time to recognize the contributions to the league by the Fraser Family and their three generations of involvement. Terry has been a volunteer coach and referee for almost forty years, his and Odessa’s children Dana and Ryan both played in the league and Ryan has coached as well, Grandson Braeden played, and grandson Matthew is currently playing. The family commitment is outstanding and very much appreciated. Thanks for believing in what we do! Our thanks to Emmitt and Grady Irwin as well for helping us with the presentation to the Fraser family.

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Opening Night

Opening night at St. Francis of Assisi was a special occasion with a visit from Jody DiRocco, the Director of Education for the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board, as well as the Principal (Danny Finn) and the Vice Principal (Chris Gencarelli) in attendance for game one. Erin Finn was recognized for her contribution to the league through her recognition by the Keg Spirit Award donation during game two, and a special presentation made to Tish LaVallee and Ron Earl before the start of game three to thank them for their contributions to our program through donations and to thank them for believing in what we do. The first basket in the new gym was scored by Alexander East from the Tarheels, and we are still looking for our first three pointer.

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Biddy Division Scores

Results of Games Payed Monday October 2, 2017

Suns 36 (Henry Arnott 12, Braedan Mackler 8, Lucas Kirkland 6, Matthew Mignault 4, William Hanson 4, Michael Pointer 2); Tarheels 26 (Jake Playter 11, Nicholas MacNeil 8, Alexander East 2, Trey Thompson 2, Carter Gilbert 2, Jackson MacNeil 1)

Cavaliers 28 (Jacob Seymour 8, Cole Brunet 8, Etan Fowler 4, Jeremy Castellarin 2, Jack Sommerset -Nelson 2, Simon Thompson 2, Seth Beckwith 1, Noah Benoit 1); Magic 14 (Darcy English 4, Jack Molson 4, Ewan Wills 2, Wiilliam Jackson 2, Ike Leavitt 2)

Raptors 21 (Brandon Tenenhouse 8, Lachlan Miernik 6, Ryan MacLeod 2, Sam Serruya 2, Luke Patterson 2, Jude Bustard 1); Vikings 20 (Jacob Stelter 8, Harrison Andrew 5, Andrew Gilmour 2, Brady Kyle 2, Gavin McLaughlin 2, Camden Szumlanski 1)

Grizzlies 33 (Delali Afidenyo 14, Dylan Blackwell 8, Ethan Dennis 5, Qosay Khlaf 2, Derwin Fernandes 2, Rajan Laird 2); Ravens 22 (Jack Sheppard 8, Adam Mignault 4, James Bates 4, Riley Clements 2, Aaron Mason 2, Jordan VanDusen 2)

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Graduate Division Scores

Results of Games Played Monday October 2, 2017

Celtics 47 (Matthew Sutton 14, Seth Bryan 12, Hugh Davies-Phinney 8, Ben Mignault 3, Brady Hennigar 4, Gabriel Merjavac 4, Landon Murphy 2, Sam Harris 2); Warriors 44 (Aiden Proderick 8, Cameron McParlan 6, Connor Reynolds 6, Evan Joy 6, Noah Kulich 5, Archie French 5, Sam Rego 4, Kaeden Bishop-Torrents 2, Riley Webb 2)

Bulls 45 (Seth Dean 12, Jack Thurlby 8, Tyreese Tapper 8, Zack Corby 7, Aiden Christmas 4, Kamrin Lancastle 2, Jabin Arbeau 2, Nash Hamilton 2); Hawks 44 (Grady McAuley 16, Jackson Hollywood 8, Zack Flake 7, Henry Seymour 7, Jude Wheeler-Dee 4, Adam Tibi 2)

Sixers 44 (Josh Tan 16, Cameron Scott 9, Evan Anderson 4, Gage Cavanagh 2, Ethan Sutton 2, Dylan Graham 2, Jake Byers 2, Dashiell Giguere 2, Matti Saraka 2, Conor Murphy 2, Evan Nitschke 1); Heat 41 (Josh Fowlow 6, Sam Fowlow 6, Rowan Lloyd 6, Louis Stubbert 6, Emmitt Irwin 6, Jacob LeBlanc 4, Griffin Santyr 2, Liam McGriskin 2, Adam Nuttall 2, Finn Ferral 1 )

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Memorial Patches

As we start games next week you will see three memorial patches on uniforms in the league. We thought that it would be appropriate before the season starts to let you know the history of the people they represent.

A “PETE” patch is on all of the league uniforms and was added in memory of our league founder Don “Pete” Petersen, who passed away four years ago. Don was the caretaker at St. Pat’s when he started the league as a safe place in his neighbourhood for the children to come to play basketball and to learn just how much fun the game can be. He was active in all aspects of the league for many years and was a guiding hand in our activities up until the time of his death. The patch is a reminder for all of us involved to stay true to his guiding principals that we are all involved to make this a positive experience for the children, and for the children playing to hopefully remember that the league continues because of the dream of this man and the commitment of those he influenced so profoundly.

A “MR” patch is on the Biddy Division uniforms to honour the memory and the contributions of Mike Robertson to the success of the league. Mike was a long time volunteer that lived next door to St. Pat’s and was active all nights of the week as a referee and volunteer, but was especially helpful in the Biddy Division for many years. Mike had a life long love of basketball and a commitment to both Don and the league that had him willingly doing whatever he could to help out.

A “TVH” memorial patch is on the Golden Gals uniforms in the Little Gals Division in memory of Trinity VanHeddegem, a first year player on the Golden Gals that died tragically during her first year with the team. Trinity was full of life and loved being at the gym on game nights even before she started playing, and the patch is a reminder that even though her time with us was short, it was a time worth remembering and celebrating.

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St. Lawrence College Schedule

Here is the schedule of home games for Men’s Basketball Team at St. Lawrence College from now until Christmas. We will publish the remainder of the schedule later so that it is fresh in your minds. Coach Smith and the college are staunch supporters of what we do, and this is an opportunity for all of us to support the team in their OCAA Season. It is always exciting basketball to see, and coach Smith is always engaged with the action during the contests. I hope to see you there!

Friday September 29 St. Lawrence Tournament SLC vs John Abbott 7 pm

Saturday September 30 St. Lawrence Tournament (Game time for SLC will depend on how they do Friday night) It is a 4 team tournament

Sunday October 1, 2017 St. Lawrence Tournament (Game time for SLC will depend on how they do Saturday)


Wednesday October 4 SLC vs Queen’s University 7:30 pm

Sunday October 15 SLC vs Humber 3 pm

Saturday October 21 SLC vs Seneca 3 pm

Friday October 27 SLC vs George Brown 8 pm

Saturday November 4 SLC vs Georgian 3 pm

Saturday November 18 SLC vs Canadore 1 pm

Friday December 1 SLC vs Loyalist 8 pm

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In addition to the donations reported yesterday, we have received a donation from Virg Alligrini and Pasta Genova and an in kind donation from Grant Kirbyson and Grant’s No Frills on Division Street.

Virg is a long time, and strong supporter of what we do in the league, and you will often find him in Pasta Genova wearing a Pete Petersen Basketball League T shirt. Virg is a former player and a former coach in our program. We are very grateful for his support.

Grant has been a loyal sponsor of our banquet every year, and last week he also supplied the hot dogs and buns to us when we hosted the BBQ for the St. Francis of Assisi open house. We are happy to join Grant’s No Frills as part of the Rideau Heights community.

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Over the past few weeks we have received several donations to our league, all of which we consider significant because they are an indication that these people believe in what we are doing for the children in our community. Here is a summary:

Debbie and Thomas Aufleger made a donation in memory Jermaine Edwards. In their card they said “Thank you for offering a great outlet for young kids to learn & enjoy the great game of basketball. Looking forward to seeing some of them in the stands at SLC.”

Jeff Neasmith made a donation at registration.

An anonymous parent made a donation at registration.

Marie Long made a donation to off set registration costs for some parents at registration. Marie is a long time supporter of our program and a niece of league founder Don Petersen.

Terry and Odessa Fraser, their children Ryan and Dana and their grandson Braeden made a donation again this season to help with our operating costs. Terry has been a volunteer with us for almost forty years, and Ryan, Dana and Braeden all played in the league, and Ryan’s son Matthew is now playing Little Guys. Three generations of the Fraser family have been involved.

Earlier this month the 1967 Champions from three Kingston teams in Hockey and Baseball had a reunion organized by Ron Earl and this week they presented us with a cheque from donations given by their attendees. The recognition of what we do by people that have been around sports their entire lives is especially moving for me.

This week Erin Finn was given a cheque for the KEG Restaurant Spirit Award. This award is given by the Keg in recognition for the volunteer work done in the community by their employees. The money is directed to an organization designated by the employee and Erin chose us. The money is supposed to go to a registered charity, but Erin has fought that policy for quite a while now because she wanted the funds to come to us. This week that happened.

In all of these cases, the individuals had a choice about where their donation dollars go. We are proud that they believed in us.

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Practice Schedule

Following our coaches meeting last night, here are the practice times for next week. Players will be contacted over the next few days to let you know what teams your players are on. Two teams practice in each time slot, and all practices are in the evening. You should know by Sunday. Please be patient since our volunteers will make their team calls around their own personal responsibilities.

Graduate Division (at Ecole Cathedrale)
Monday September 25
5:30 – Sixers and Warriors
6:30 – Celtics and Heat
7:30 – Bulls and Hawks

Biddy Division (at St. Francis of Assisi)
Monday September 25
6:00 – Ravens and Tarheels
6:45 – Raptors and Vikings
7:30- Magic and Suns
8:15 – Cavaliers and Grizzlies

Little Guys Division (at St. Francis of Assisi)
Tuesday September 26
6:00- Huskies and Rebels
6:45 – Tarheels and Wolfpack
7:30- Mustangs and Jayhawks
8:15 – Wildcats and Hoosiers

Girls Division (at St. Francis of Assisi)
Wednesday September 27
6:00 – Storm and Mercury
6:45 – Monarchs and Liberty
7:30 – Sparks and Sting
8:15 – Comets and Starzz

Little Gals Division (at St. Francis of Assisi)
Thursday September 28
6:00 – Aztecs and Tigers
6:45 – Monarchs and Slammers
7:30 – Golden Gals and Lions
8:15 – Rebels and Rockers

Regular season play will start in all divisions the week of October 2-5

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