Shooting Skills Clinics

Next week will have shooting skills clinics for players in all divisions, following the schedule given out at registration. We are very fortunate to have players and coaches from the St. Lawrence College men’s and women’s programs, and the Queen’s women’s program coming to run those clinics for our players. This is a great opportunity to learn shooting fundamentals as well as tips for you to use when shooting on your own. Our thanks to Barry Smith, Kevin Smart, Remy Simpson, Kevin Biggs and Dave Wilson for agreeing to help us out. This is another example of the partnership we have with both St. Lawrence and Queen’s, and the commitment they have to the local basketball community. Here is the schedule:

Pete Petersen Basketball League
Shooting Clinics 2018

Monday September 17 at St. Francis of Assisi

6:00 – 6:45 Girls Division 11-12 years old

6:45-7:30 Girls Division 13-14 years old

7:30-8:15 Biddy Division 11 years old

8:15-9:00 Biddy Division 12 years old

Monday September 17 at Ecole Cathedrale

6:00- 7:00 Graduate Division 13 years old

7:00-8:00 Graduate Division 14-15 years old

Tuesday September 18 at St. Francis of Assisi

6:00-6:45 Little Guys 8 years old

6:45-7:30 Little Guys 9 years old

7:30-8:15 Little Guys 10 years old

Thursday September 20 at St. Francis of Assisi

6:00-6:45 Little Gals 8 years old

6:45-7:30 Little Gals 9 years old

7:30-8:15 Little Gals 10 years old

Please note that because we have the coaches meeting Wednesday night, the Girls Division clinics will be Monday night.

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