Queen’s School of Kinesiology Looking for Study Participants.

We have been approached by Alexandra Walters from the Queen’s School of Kinesiology looking for players 11-17 to participate in a study that she is conducting. Here is her introduction and contact information, as well as a poster for the study. We have partnered with the school of Kinesiology in the past for their research work, so we hope that you will support this study as well. Note that there is a financial incentive as well.

“Dear parents and guardians,

The Revved Up Research Group within the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies is calling for youth (ages 10-17 years) to participate in an ongoing research project. This project is focused on physical activity promotion for children and youth using evidence-based guidelines.

In brief, the commitment is a one-time appointment where your child comes into the lab space for approximately 60 minutes and participates in some eye-tracking activities and completes a survey. As compensation, $15 cash is provided.

If this study seems of interest, please email memolab@queensu.ca for more information.

On behalf of the Revved Up Research Group, thank you.”

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