Yesterday we received a significant donation from former player Ben Hawkins to help support the league. Ben is the grandson of the late Joe Hawkins, a long time Kingston City councillor, local sports supporter, and along with Don Petersen, a member of the Kingston and District Sports Hall of Fame. With the donation was a note that read in part

““A neat memory popped into my mind recently since I first reached out to you. One summer during my years attending St. Pat’s elementary, i was messing around with a basketball on the hoops at the back of the school, when suddenly a door opened from a change room and out popped Pete’s head. On two occasions that summer, he invited me into the gym to practice free throws. He said that everything else could be practiced on any old net, but to practice free throws in a gym was a true luxury. He’d leave me there in the gym for the afternoon and go about his custodial duties, returning periodically to check-in on me and watch. He’d be sure to offer his best advice if he saw me struggling. I’ll never forget that.

I have many fond memories like that of Pete, and many fond memories of playing in the K of C League. I have even more memories of my grandfather Joe, and all of the times I spent with him, helping with the Kids 4 Kids Hockey Tournament, among other things. I learned a lot from both of them, and I ask that you please accept this donation in memory of Joe Hawkins and Pete Petersen, two of the most selfless and hard working men I’ve known. I know it will be put to good use.

Another thing I’ll never forget is the slideshow at the banquet each year. For me, that was pretty special. Thanks for the great memories.”

Thank you Ben for remembering us, and for believing in what we do.

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