Award Winners From the 2018 League Awards Banquet

The Don “Pete” Petersen Trophy: This award is presented annually to the individual from each division rendering the greatest and most faithful service to the general good of the league.

Little Guys: The Irwin Family – Nikki, Abbie, Emmitt, Grady, Colton and Mason
Little Gals: Liz Allport
Girls: Peter Kinstler
Biddy: Sarah Fahey and Lisa Roberts
Graduate: Lynne Mason

Queen’s University Basketball Camp

Little Guys: Ryan Kyle – Wolfpack
Little Gals: Rayne Davison – Lions
Girls: Miranda Steele – Starzz
Biddy: Jordan VanDusan- Ravens
Graduate: Dashiell Giguere – Sixers

The Referee’s Trophy: This award is given annually to the coaches of the year in each division who best exemplify what coaching in the league is all about.

Little Guys: Jayhawks – Zoe Yanovsky and Meagan Major-Thompson
Little Gals: Aztecs – Clint Wills and Stephen McGriskin
Girls : Sting – Sarah McDonnell, James Snider and Savannah Medley
Biddy: Suns – Roland Billings, John McGaw and Nick Fellows
Graduate: Celtics – Charlie Mignault and John Sutton

The Guy Wells Trophy: This trophy is given to the male and female players who best exemplify what the league stands for – sportsmanship, fair play, team play and leadership.
(female winner) – Stella Wheeler-Dee
(male winner) – Jack Mason

The Tony Pettitt Award: This award, started in 2007 was put in place in memory of long time league supporter Tony Pettitt and is given to recognize the contributions of a non-coaching, adult volunteer.

The Young Family
Crystal, Corey, Taylor and Madison

Holy Cross Secondary School Spring League and Summer Camps

Little Guys: Matthew Fraser – Jayhawks
Little Gals: Korra Feola – Tigers
Girls: Charlee Mallette – Comets
Biddy: Matthew Mignault – Suns
Graduate: Nate Matos – Celtics

The Bill MacLeod Memorial Cup; This award is given annually to the player in each division who best reflects the spirit of the league format “Just for the Fun of it”

Little Guys: Kane Lakins – Hoosiers
Little Gals: Kate Mignault – Monarchs
Girls: Sarah Morris – Mercury
Biddy: Grayson Duffey – Suns and Qosay Khalif – Grizzlies
Graduate: Sean Doherty – Celtics

The Lenny Falcoa Award : This award is given for the TEAM OF THE YEAR in each division that best exemplifies the hustle, team work, and all around attitude that makes the league so much fun.

Little Guys: Wildcats – Coaches Matt Glass and Bobby Henderson
Little Gals: Golden Gals – Coaches Heather Hollywood and Lindsey Hawkins
Girls: Storm – coaches Katie and Kim Duttle
Biddy: Suns – coaches Roland Billings, John McGaw and Nick Fellows and The Ravens – Coaches Ryan Wood and Stephanie Charlton
Graduate: Bulls – Coaches R.J. Kelsey and Carson Payne

Two Ball Champions and Runners-up : These are the winning teams and the runners up from a two ball tournament held for all league players in November.

Division Winners / Runners – up
Little Guys Adam Hendry and Otto French / Jacob Girard and Kaiden Cox
Little Gals Taylor Stelter and Kaitlyn Stelter / Cameron Spinelli and Chantel Spinelli
Girls Gwen Bertelsen and Katherine McLachlan / Gracie Reis and Marlina Reis
Biddy Will Hanson and Jack Molson / Noah Benoit and Hayden Hollywood
Graduate Matthew Sutton and Cameron McParlan / Grady McAuley and Emmitt Irwin

Trinity Van Heddegem Memorial Award for the Little Gals Rookie of the Year. This award was established in memory of Trinity VanHeddegem, a player on the Golden Gals that tragically died during the 2012-2013 season.
Hope Mathieson and Pride Mathieson

The Gerry Besselink Award : This award is given for effort, respect and dedication to the league.

Amber Allport and Carson Payne

St. Lawrence Basketball Camp Awards

Little Guys: Matthew Rowsell – Rebels
Little Gals: Gracie Reynolds – Monarchs
Girls: Jada English – Sting
Biddy: Darcy English – Magic
Graduate: Tyresse “T.J.” Tapper – Bulls

The Bucky Spencer Memorial Free Throw Champions:
Age group Winners
Boys 8 years Sacha Wheeler-Dee – Huskies
9 years Samual Sosa – Wildcats
10 years Otto French – Tarheels
11 years Jake Playter – Tarheels
12 years Delali Afidenyo – Grizzlies
13 years Dylan Graham – Sixers
14 years Grady McAuley – Hawks
15 Years Cameron McParlan – Warriors
Girls 8 years Sydney Stelter – Tigers
9 years Stella Lakins – Rockers
10 years Otto French – Tarheels
11 years Allie Thurlby – Liberty
12 years Ava Cabral – Comets
13 years Haleigh Gilbert – Sparks
14 years Jenna Jabinski – Mercury

Most Improved Players

Little Guys: A.J. Carscallen – Mustangs
Little Gals: Lucy Meleschuk – Rebels and Cady O’Connor – Slammers
Girls: Gracie Reis – Mercury
Biddy: Noah Benoit – Cavaliers and Henry Garrett – Magic
Graduate: Graydon Garrett – Heat

Most Valuable Players

Little Guys: Marcus Repetti and Luca Repetti – Wolfpack
Little Gals: Taylor Stelter – Tigers
Girls: Alex Canarutti – Liberty
Biddy: Jack Sheppard – Ravens and Brandon Tenenhouse – Raptors
Graduate: Sam Playter – Warriors and Seth Bryan – Celtics

The Most Sportsmanlike Players

Little Guys: Otto French – Tarheels
Little Gals: Rebecca McDonald – Rockers
Girls: Mia Daigle – Sparks
Biddy: Owen Thiele – Vikings
Graduate: Riley Webb – Warriors

The Carm Londry Trophy for the player that shares the ball with teamates.

Little Guys: Kaiden Cox – Rebels
Little Gals: Abby Sweet – Aztecs
Girls: Arwin Robinson – Monarchs
Biddy: Jake Playter – Tarheels
Graduate: Connor Murphy – Sixers and Grady McAuley – Hawks

The Top Defensive Players
Little Guys: Ryan Badour – Huskies
Little Gals: Alissa Allinson – Golden Gals
Girls: Hayley Torres – Monarchs
Biddy: Delali Afidenyo – Grizzlies
Graduate: Jackson Hollywood – Hawks

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