Annual Two – Ball Tournament 2017

Two-Ball Tournament 2017

Date: Sunday November 19, 2017
Location: St. Francis of Assisi School
Time: Doors to the school will be open at 10:30 am for team registration and warm ups. The tournaments will start at 11am. The first groups to play will be the Little Guys and Little Gals entries, followed by the Graduate, Biddy and Girls tournaments. The older groups should be at the school NO LATER THAN 11:45 to register. We will start the second group of tournaments at noon, or whenever the first group is finished.
Cost to enter: $0.00
Rules: You can enter your team of two players from within your division for the tournament on game nights, or at the school November 19. All participants must be registered players from the Pete Petersen Basketball League. All teams are guaranteed a minimum of two games. Two teams shoot at opposite ends of the court. Mats on the floor indicate the point value for shots made from that mat. Players must alternate shots (player 1 shoots, then player 2), and individual players or the team cannot shoot from the same place on the floor two shots in a row. We will play music for one minute, and the team that has the most points at the end of that minute wins that game and advances in the tournament.

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