Award Winners From the March 5 Banquet

The Don “Pete” Petersen Trophy:
Little Guys: Emmitt Irwin and Grady Irwin
Little Gals: Sherrilyn Platt
Girls: Karen Gilbert
Biddy: Adam Mignault
Graduate: Dave Noble

Queen’s University Basketball Camp
Little Guys: Charlie McCarron – Rebels
Little Gals: Arlie Mooney – Rebels
Girls: Justine Beaubien – Liberty
Biddy: Evan Nitschke – Grizzlies
Graduate: Jackson Hollywood – Sixers

The Referee’s Trophy: Coach of the Year
Little Guys: Rebels – Shawn Hollywood and Jackson Hollywood
Little Gals: Tigers – Gloria DeMatos and Justus VanHeddegem
Girls: Liberty -Kim Simpson
Biddy: Cavaliers – Paul Medeiros and Madison Benoit
Graduate: Warriors – Christian Webster and Michael Rowsell

The Guy Wells Trophy: sportsmanship, fair play, team play and leadership.
(female winner) – Nancy Li
(male winner) – Jonathan O’Neill

The Tony Pettitt Award: to recognize the contributions of a non-coaching, adult volunteer. Mary O’Neill – Howlett and Liz Allport

Holy Cross Secondary School Spring League and Summer Camps
Little Guys: Brett Anderson – Wolfpack
Little Gals: Riley Claessen – Aztecs
Girls: Georgia Mates- Mercury
Biddy: Riley Webb – Ravens
Graduate: Finn Ferrall – Heat

The Bill MacLeod Memorial Cup: “Just for the Fun of it”
Little Guys: Dylan Blackwell – Wolfpack
Little Gals: Avery Vivian – Rockers
Girls: Kendra Platt – Sparks
Biddy: Gabriel Merjevac – Tarheels and Kaleb Booth – Ravens
Graduate: Lucas Medeiros – Warriors and Jude Wheeler-Dee – Hawks

The Lenny Falcoa Award : TEAM OF THE YEAR
Little Guys: Wolfpack
Little Gals: Rebels
Girls: Storm
Biddy: Tarheels
Graduate: Celtics and Sixers

Regiopolis Notre Dame summer basketball camp.
Little Guys: Seth Cox – Tarheels
Little Gals: Katrina LaLonde – Tigers
Girls: Chelsea Turcotte – Storm
Biddy: T.J. Tapper – Suns
Graduate: Aiden Christmas – Bulls

Two Ball Champions and Runners-up :
Little Guys Champions: Ben Koolen and Carter Cassidy
Little Guys Runners-up: Adam Mignault and Andrew Gilmour
Little Gals Champions: Taylor Hollywood and Bryar McCullough
Little Gals Runners-up: Taylor Novak and Rayne Davison
Girls Champions: Miranda Steele and Cassey Stretch
Girls Runners-up: Tiyonna Beleza and Mackenzie Thompson
Biddy Champions: Zach Flake and Sam Tan
Biddy Runners-up: Ben and Zac Hearst-Scott
Graduate Champions: Grady McAuley and Sam Playter
Graduate Runners-up: Jonathan O’Neill and Cameron Scott

Trinity Van Heddegem Memorial Award for the Little Gals Rookie of the Year.
Morgan Ferguson and
Megan Burtch

The Gerry Besselink Award : Given for effort, respect and dedication to the league.

Miles Brackenbury

St. Lawrence Basketball Camp
Little Guys: Kye Jarvis – Wildcats
Little Gals: Cameron Spinelli – Monarchs
Girls: Hayley Torres – Starzz
Biddy: Delali Afidenyo – Ravens
Graduate: Rowan Lloyd – Heat

The Bucky Spencer Memorial Free Throw Champions:
Boys 8 years: Samuel Sousa – Mustangs
Boys 9 years: Mason Irvine – Jayhawks
Boys 10 years: Jack Flynn – Tarheels
Boys 11 years: Jack Burt- Tarheels
Boys 12 years: Christopher Kerstens – Cavaliers
Boys 13 years: Jude Wheeler-Dee – Hawks
Boys 14 years: Caden Badour – Sixers
Boys 15 years: Jacob Corby – Celtics
Girls 8 years: Haley Kehoe – Tigers
Girls 9 years: Lauren Dennis – Golden gals
Girls 10 years: Marlina Reis – Lions
Girls 11 years: Jessica Asuncion – Monarchs
Girls 12 years: Peja Middaugh – Comets
Girls 13 years: Jennifer House-Comets
Girls 14 years: Baylee White- Monarchs

Most Improved Players
Little Guys: Adam Castonquay – Hoosiers
Little Gals: Tatum Vallier – Tigers
Girls: Kate Selkirk – Sting
Biddy: Linton Funk – Grizzlies and William LeBlanq – Vikings
Graduate: Henry Seymour – Hawks

The Most Valuable Players
Little Guys: Noah Stevenson – Tarheels and Noah Hyde – Mustangs
Little Gals: Charlotte Cantarutti – Golden Gals
Girls: Savannah Medley – Monarchs
Biddy: Christopher Kerstens – Cavaliers
Graduate: Jacob Corby – Celtics

The Most Sportsmanlike Players
Little Guys: Owen Thiele – Jayhawks
Little Gals: Marlina Reis – Lions and Camilla Purdy – Slammers
Girls: Katie Duttle – Comets
Biddy: Archie French – Suns and Emmitt Irwin – Vikings
Graduate: Ethan Kelsey- Bulls and Cody Hilliard – Sixers

The Carm Londry Trophy: player that shares the ball
Little Guys: Max Sohriadis – Huskies
Little Gals: Vanessa Tapper – Aztecs
Girls: Tiyonna Beleza – Starzz
Biddy: Zach Flake – Raptors and Jake Playter – Vikings
Graduate: Cameron McParlan – Warriors and Basil Pinkerton – Hawks

The Top Defensive Players
Little Guys: Andrew Gilmour – Wildcats and Jack Molson – Rebels
Little Gals: Allie Thurlby – Rebels
Girls: Madison Valyear – Sting
Biddy: Bill McIlroy – Magic
Graduate: Matt Chodkowski – Heat

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