Tick Tock

Three weeks from today (September 10, 2016) is Registration 2016! One of the most asked questions that we get around registration is “What time do I have to be there to register?”. While it is true that in the past some hearty souls have camped out overnight to be first in line, that is not necessary, but needing to get there early is a fact. Space is limited, and we register on a first come, first served basis. Most years we will be full on the day of registration, other years you could walk in at 10:25 and register in some divisions. We can’t give you a definitive answer on time. I will promise that we will have the coffee on early, and access to the washrooms will be available early too.

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  1. Michelle Dickison says:


    We are interested in signing up our 8 year old son. Could you please tell me how long the season runs? Also, will there be practices before the game?

    thank you,

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